How to Adopt

You can meet our adorable, adoptable cats and kittens at our Adoption Center, or at our community partners. Here’s how to adopt:

1: View our Adoptable Pets on our Adoptable Pets Page.

2: Download and complete an Adoption Application.

Download a Cat Adoption Application as a Word doc

Download a Cat Adoption Application as a PDF

Tips on filling out the Word application:

  • To complete the application, move your mouse to the next gray field and type in your information.
  • To check a Yes or No box, highlight the appropriate answer with the mouse, then type an ‘x’ to make your selection.

3: Submit your Application.

E-mail your Cat Adoption Application to

4: When we have received your application, we will contact you to set up a meet and greet. Because we are volunteer-run, please allow us 48-72 hours to process your application. Please notify your veterinarian’s office and personal references so that they are expecting our call/e-mail so as not to delay your application.

Adoption Fees

  • 1 Adult (1 year+) Spayed/Neutered Cat: $50
  • “Buddy System”: Adopt 1 Adult Cat, and the Adoption Fee is Half for the Second Adult Cat! $75 for 2
  • 1 Spayed/Neutered Kitten (under 1 year): $80
  • 2 Spayed/Neutered Kittens: $130
  • 1 Cat and 1 Kitten (both altered): $100

These fees do not come close to covering our expenses; in fact, our expenses are often 3-4 times the adoption fee. We welcome additional donations.

We are volunteer-run and receive no funding; we rely completely on donations to save the lives of the homeless pets in our care.

We seek to match our feline orphans with the best possible home for both the pet and the family to ensure the best lifelong companionship for both.